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Tips for childproofing your house

One of the most important concerns for any parents is trying to keep their child safe. There are so much of activities going on around the world today that one may always find it easy to overlook small dangers that are around your home. Even if your child runs or crawls you may need to follow certain tips so that you can keep him away from the danger and make the bets childproof your home. I have highlighted the items that needs to be purchased.


Childproof latches – you can always make use of these for drawers, and cabinets that may contain fragile or dangerous items.
Cord shorteners- you certainly can try using this with electric cords and blinds so that they don’t get twisted and strangled.
Cushioned corner covers- you may need these for countertops, tables or other things that has sharp edges.
Electric outlet covers- it certainly is very much amazing w2here those kids may place their little fingers into, you certainly have to prevent them from being zapped.
Gates- you certainly may have to block stair case, balconies or any other area that is dangerous.
Window guards- you have to get loose enough so that your older kids can certainly get them undone in case there is any emergency.
In case you have any loose rugs you may have to remove them or even tap them down.
Special note: you may have to talk about all emergency escape routes.


You have to remember that you have to keep all the glasses and other plates away from the reach of children or even have them locked away in the cabinet.
You certainly have to keep all the knives and sharp tools in latched drawers.


Cushioned faucet guard- you have to avoid all the head bumps.
Slip proof door mats or even non-skid appliqués- you have to keep in mind that you have to place those feet on solid ground.
Toilet latches- you have to keep in mind that toddlers are certainly top heavy and there are chances that they can get drowned easily.
You may have to store all medications, razors, mouthwash, cosmetics away from the reach of the children.
Special note: you have to keep in mind that water heaters should be set at temperature not exceeding 120 degrees so that it reduces all the chances of burning.


You may have to fence swimming pool and any other area that is potentially dangerous. (There are a number of states that have forced law on this).
You may also have to check with all outdoor playing equipments, gates or even fences or even things like protruding bolts or other types of loose nuts.

You certainly may have to experience few emergencies when in your parental stage but there certainly may be no need for any type of tragedies. You simply have to try and avoid them. These steps can certainly help you understand all the safety that you may have to take to avoid any tragedy from happening.

We certainly have compiled a broad list here, but you have to keep in mind that this certainly is not comprehensive. There are more options that you certainly can discover.

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