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10 Tips on how to pack a self storage

When you have leased some own-storage unit the further step is to get the packing right. Calmly prepare a list of what all you want to store. It will provide an outline for the packing and moving. Benefit of the work is that things you need to store upfront can be easily sorted.

Some of the tips:

1. Use tough, water resistant boxes.
2. Fill the box till up and cover with old sheets etc as packing.
3. Treat all the metal material with rusting protecting material.
4. ensure all the things are put into right place
5. must choose padlocks of good quality
6. keep a record of the boxes and where they are placed
7. should not store inflammables in the boxes

Many companies charge you extra for doing the packing.
So to save some money you should pack yourself.
You can also consult storage unit people for advices. Since they are professional they can offer solid advice to you. And also ensure that you have proper insurance cover. All this steps will help you to maintain security and safety.