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Types of Moving Companies

There are a large number of moving companies in the market which cater the relocation needs of you and your family. So to determine what type of moving company is suitable for you, you must assess the degree of assistance required by you. Some companies do entire moving all by themselves whereas others do just a portion of it.

The full service moving company handles every aspect of your move. They do everything from packing to loading to the final unloading. These companies are licensed by an authority and hire professional to do this task.

In self service moving you do all the packing by yourself but you hire a truck to transport all the household items to your new home. It is a very convenient and a cost saving technique.

If your friends and family can help you, the most preferred type of moving is Do-It -Yourself moving. In this, you and your friends do all the packing, loading, transporting etc. This technique saves a lot of money but requires lot of time and money.