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Unpacking tips: where and how to start unpacking

Unpacking on the first day: you need to know the layout of your new home beforehand, so that you can decide where to keep your belongings. After your arrival place the furniture in the space with the help of movers.
1: Put the boxes according to their labels, place it in appropriate rooms.
2: Make sure all the switches are working properly, so that you can plug in fridge and make it ready to use.
3: Locate the place for beddings, so that you can take rest after a long journey.
4: Unpack your toilet items first; you might need it for refreshing purpose, then your kitchen items, if you have planned to cook.
5: Have all your family members to identify their boxes, and make them to unpack those boxes.
6: Then you can go for your computer, washing machine, DVD players etc.

You have to decide what thing you need first after your arrival, according to that you can unpack your things.