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What to pack at last

This is the list of items which you will need on the final day of your move at both your new as well as new place. Keep a box for this last minute items and things other than this which you may need at your time of arrival.

1.  toilet articles
2.  The kit for first – aid
3.  Aspirin or any other analgesic
4.  eyeglasses and other medication
5.  knife and box cutter
6.  dispenser, glues and tapes
7.  working gloves
8.  Extension cords and new batteries.
9.  scissors
10. paper towels and all other basic cleaning material
11. instant tea or coffee or a coffee maker
12. Ingredients for making coffee i.e. powdered    milk, sugar etc.
13. other snacks
14. pet supplies
15. bulbs
16. disposable plates, cups and other eating utensils
17. trash bags of plastic
18. flash lights
19. linens and beddings
20. clock and an alarm clock
21.  a local phone book
22.  hammer and screwdriver and some nails
23. a new map of your new location