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When is the best time to move your children?

Currently, the companies keep transferring their employees to different branches that are located in different places, but while transferring you need to care for your children’s school and job of your spouse.
But some companies are taking all responsibility for child education and spouse job.
 Children always find difficulties in changing school, adjusting new school environment, sometimes whole family didn’t move just for their children education. Maximum time family plan to move during summer, because these are lengthy holidays, but these days schools are shortening the summer holidays. Children generally missed summer camps if their family plans to move in summer.

Children of age between 5 to 10 are not affected much by the move because they are more emotionally attached with their family only , just you need to introduce them to new circle of friends , new class mates ,but the most affected students are teenagers , they are emotionally attached , they have their own friend circle, own identity  and all , so you just need to give emotional support to them , talk with them how she or he feel , say about any incident of your life when you are young and how you face it, how you cope with the new environment .