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Words to know before hiring moving companies

You must be acquainted with some words before hiring a moving company.

Tariff: this is the price quoted by the movers to move your stuff.

Local moves: moves of fewer than 50 miles, here moving cost is calculated by the number of crew members and flat rate per hour is charged per crew member.

Deregulated moving industry:   deregulated means tariff is not mandated because all movers used to have same tariff and they allow discount to attract customers so price is not fixed it vary from company to company.

Interstate moves: here cost of moving depends on distance moved and weight of your stuff.

Not- to- Exceed price: this is a discounted price given by mover to house owners who knows the particular item to move.

Ask movers about this: Packing charge: packing, labor and unpacking cost.

Transportation charge: origin and destination charge which are determined by shipment weight.

Valuation charge: it is the insurance for lost or damaged stuff; it is around 30-60 percent per pound per item.

Insurance- related surcharge: it’s a trucking insurance cost that movers pay moving trucks.