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The state of Illinois situated at the mid-western United States is its 5th most populated state and houses the very famous Chicago city.  The agricultural and industrial prospects in the western part and availability of resources like coal & petroleum in south makes it too good. The historically significant Illinois River which connects the Michigan Lake with Mississippi river flows through the central region of Illinois State. 

Geographically it borders states like Indiana in east, Wisconsin in north, Missouri and Iowa in west, Kentucky in south and the Michigan Lake in north-east.  The state is mainly divided into 3 parts –southern, central and northern Illinois. The highly industrialized and populated Chicago Metropolis and its suburbs constitute the Northern Illinois, where as the central part of the state which is known for its educational institutes, agriculture, houses the cities like Peoria and Springfield (the capital city of Illinois).

The state has a variable climate and is more prone to tornados and thunderstorms which has taken lives of many Illinoisans in past.  About 60% of the inhabitants of the state are whites having ancestry from nations like British, Germany, Poland, Ireland etc and 15% are African-Americans and Christians dominate the state in terms of religion. The state plays a major role in US politics with leaders like Abraham Lincoln, who started their political career in the state. Current president elect Barrack Obama will be the third US president from the state of Illinois. The O'Hare International Airport, situated in Chicago is the busiest airport of the state and one of the busiest in the world too.