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Kansas State is located in the central part of United States of America and is normally called as the American “Heartland”. Capital city of Kansas is Topeka with Wichita being the largest city. The Kansas River, the Missouri River and the Arkansas River are the main rivers flowing through the state. Climate varies a lot with different places of the state having different climate, but is fixed region wise.
Per capita income of the state is about $30,000 each year on average along with gross state product of about $100 billion. In USA - Kansas is 8th largest in the production of oil and natural gas.
Aerospace industries can be found in Kansas as there are several large aircraft corporations like Boeing, Learjet, Hawker-Beechcraft, etc. Wichita Mild-Continent Airport is the main airport of Kansas and is located at the western part of city. Mostly person use Kansas City International Airport for traveling and this is among the busiest airports serving passengers and tourists. Also you should not confuse with Kansas city which is located in another state – Missouri for some special reason.