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South Dakota is a state which is situated in the western areas of United States. Pierre is the capital city of the state while Sioux Falls is the largest city of the state. The longest as well as the largest river of the state is the Missouri River. The highest point of the state is at Harney Peak.
The state has 4 different climates throughout the year like hot summer and very cold winters and sometimes a mix of continental climate.

In 2005, around 88.5% of the people residing in the state were whites while just 0.8% of them were blacks. Per capita income of the state was $26,904 in 2004 while its gross state product was $32.2 billion in 2006. The service sector contributes the maximum to the economy of the state and then comes agriculture which aslo has a major share in it.

Tourism also plays an important role in the economy of South Dakota. Railways are mostly used in the state for transportation. South Dakota is also the sixth largest producer of ethanol in the USA.