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Virginia, located in the Atlantic coast is one of the important states of USA. Also the state is usually called as “Home of Presidents” since around 8 presidents (USA) were born here. Seven million people live in this state. The major cities are North Virginia, Virginia beach and Richmond which is the capital of the state.

Virginia is known as land of rivers. The important rivers are Potomac, Rappahannock, James and York. The climate in this state is mostly humid subtropical. Some regions often experience snowfall. The official language of Virginia is English because 94.6% speak English. Nearly 4.4% speak Spanish. Nearly 75% of people are whites and 20% people are black.
A well balanced economy prevails in Virginia due to the presence 4.1 million workers. Service sector contributes maximum no of employment opportunities. High standards of education are provided in Virginia. University of Virginia and Virginia tech are the famous universities in this state.
Virginia tops the list of producers of computer chips. they have good resource of coal as they export large amount of it. Virginia has the third largest railway system in USA. Reagan Washington national, Richmond international and Williamsburg international are the major airports in this state.