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The state of Washington located in the north-west United States was christened in the name of George Washington (First US president), as anyone could guess. Its capital is Olympia. Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma are the major cities of Washington. The climate is east part of Washington is dry whereas in the west part oceanic climate prevails. The major race in this state is white race. There are 88% of whites, 4.1% of blacks and 6.75% of Asians.  

The official language of Washington is English since 95% of people speak English and remaining peoples speak Spanish and German. It occupies the fourth position in the population of the Asian peoples in USA. 
Washington has a good economy due to the presence of the companies like Microsoft and Amazon. They produce large amount Boeing aircrafts, electronic products and wood products. Washington is also famous for having the world’s second wealthiest man bill gates. Washington also leads in agriculture industry. In USA, 90% of raspberries are produced in this state.
Washington is famous for waterways than airways. This state provides a high standard of education. The major universities of Washington are university of Washington and Seattle University. The football team Seattle Seahawks is very famous in USA.